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Hello and welcome to Grainge Villa Florida, we would like to share a little bit of our story with you. Katie is our beautiful daughter who inspires us every day. She is quadriplegic following a brain injury caused by a road traffic accident in 2002. So, being a full-time wheelchair user, she finds challenges in all parts of life, including holidaying. She established our wheelchair accessible villas in Orlando, to help other families and holiday-makers enjoy their trips away in comfort. Our family holiday properties in Orlando are fully accessible, but are open to all kinds of families, whether you require the use of our equipment or not!




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About Us

We’re Dave and Sharon Grainge, based in the UK, on the Wirral peninsula. On our trips to Disney World and throughout Florida, we would always rent villas that claimed to be wheelchair accessible. We found, however, that they were not truly accessible throughout and we had to hire lots of extra equipment to make the stay comfortable. We don’t think that that’s fair, so we provide all accessibility equipment, at our family holiday properties in Orlando, at no extra charge. Now, of course, you don’t need to be disabled to make use of our luxury villas. We receive lots of different guests – some disabled, some not – who return to us time and time again. Every family should be paying the same amount for their villa, regardless of their needs.





About Grainge Villa Florida

Katie is the owner of Grainge Villa Florida’s fantastic family holiday properties in Orlando. Having been let down so often by the lack of truly accessible holiday homes, during a holiday in 2008, Katie decided to buy her own place. Having lots of siblings and needing carers as well, she bought a 6-bedroom villa to accommodate them all and named it Katie’s Villa. Builders were sourced, adaptions made and equipment bought – before we knew it, Grainge Villa Florida was born! We started renting Katie’s Villa out to other holiday-makers and, in 2010, Katie purchased the neighbouring 6-bedroom property and called it Charm (from her love of the tv show called Charmed). Charm was adapted and furnished to the same high standard as Katie’s villa.







Why Choose Us?

We believe we have created family holiday properties in Orlando that you can go to and feel safe, happy and stress free. Over the years, we have developed a network of contacts that provide equipment, to make travelling so much easier and much more comfortable. Everything, from manual lifting slings to wheelchair-accessible car hire is available – just ask! We have gathered lots of hints and tips, from our own experience and that of our guests, on how to get the most out of travelling and the theme parks and attractions while on holiday. Thanks to our fantastic location, there’s so much more to do than simply visit theme parks. Explore our site further to find out more!

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Fully Insured and Licensed

Florida Licensing – Katie: DWE6311679, Charm: DWE6313010
Polk County Licensing available upon request.




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