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Vacation Homes with Pool Hoists in Orlando

We understand how important it is for those with extra needs to have as enjoyable, convenient and stress-free a holiday as possible. Our wheelchair accessible villas in Orlando are fully-equipped with the latest kit, so you don’t need to worry about hiring equipment when you arrive. Talking of wheelchairs; If yours is an electric wheelchair, we have a voltage converter, to keep you charged and rolling with ease. We cater to a variety of needs, at no extra cost. Take a look at what we have available below, and we’ll be sure to have it ready to go for when you arrive. Our vacation homes with pool hoists in Orlando are the perfect base for your Floridian adventure in the sunshine state!







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Doorways and Ramps

All doors in each of our vacation homes with pool hoists in Orlando are accessible. Our pool areas are easily accessed from the family room, pool bathroom and master bedroom, where we have carefully built up the pool deck to the door, making it easy, with no worry of ramps slip-sliding away.






Both villas have a super-king sized dual-adjustable bed, with posture-control mattresses, in the King Size Master Suite downstairs.

We have a single electric profiling bed, with full-length bedrails, in each villa. Also provided for your use is a wedge for your bed – for if you need that little extra support that pillows just don’t give you. For those who need a little extra security in bed there are also two bed rails. We also have a handy bedside grab-rail, to help you ease yourself out of bed.







We have a range of commodes and shower chairs, which can be used in any room or in any of the roll-in showers. One of the sinks in the master suite downstairs is wheelchair accessible. Three of the toilets have grab-rails, to make it easier for those who need a little extra help. We also have a wonderful shower bed, which is great for assisted showering. We have a wide range of other equipment to help and aid with bathing and toileting.







We have a portable hoist that can be used in any of the downstairs rooms, although the King Master suite and bedrooms 2–3 have ceramic floor tiles, which make the portable hoist easier to use. You will need to bring your own sling when staying at our vacation homes with pool hoists in Orlando.

Speaking of which; the pool has an electric hoist with interchangeable chair or bed. The electric pool hoist is easier to use than a lot of the manual pool hoists, where you have to battle with the levers to get them to lift. The pool hoist can be used with the chair or with the bed attachment.






Equipment Available

  • Single Electric Profiling Bed with Pressure-Relieving Mattress
  • Super-King Sized Dual-Adjustable Bed with Posture-Control Mattress
  • Pool Hoist with Interchangeable Bed/Chair
  • Portable Hoist (You must provide your own sling)
  • Tilt In Space Shower Commode Chair – In 3 Sizes
  • Shower Bed
  • Collapsible Wheelchair
  • Commode/Shower Chair
  • Shower Seat
  • Bath Seat
  • Toilet Risers and Toilet Cushions
  • Bed Wedge
  • Bedside Guard Rails
  • Grab-Rails in 3 Toilets and 2 Showers
  • Wheel Walker with Seat








Car Hire

If you need an adapted vehicle for wheelchair accessibility, we hire ours from Mobility Works. They have a range of adapted vehicles, either with side-loading or rear-loading ramps. If we introduce you to them, you will receive a 15% discount on your vehicle hire.

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Theme Parks

Every theme park within reach of our vacation homes with pool hoists in Orlando is wheelchair-friendly. Some even allow you and your party to go to the front of the queues! All parks have maps which show the location of the disabled toilets, as well as how they rate the accessibility of each ride. If you go to Guest Services, they have park maps for disabled guest, with plenty more details.

Unfortunately, we have yet to find a park equipped with a hoist and there aren’t usually toilets with changing beds. There are, however, first aid rooms (with the exception of Downtown Disney) with bed on which you can lie if you need to.

Most shows in the parks have sections for wheelchairs and usually offer a companion seat as well. In most of the shows, the spaces are at the front, so you might encounter the odd family sneaking in. They’ll pretend they haven’t seen the wheelchair signs – just be firm and they do tend to move!

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Out and About

All of the Orlando attractions and restaurants we have visited have been suitable for wheelchairs and there has never been any question of not getting in anywhere. If you are booking a Dinner Show, make sure reservations know there is a wheelchair in your party as there are limited wheelchair spaces. If you need it, we have a collapsible wheelchair available, at no extra charge. If you need that little extra help but don’t want the hassle of bringing your own or hiring one from a theme park, we’ve got you covered!

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